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Maintenance and maintenance of cardboard box making machine

Our company provides the following suggestions for the maintenance and maintenance of cardboard box making machine:

1. The maintenance and repair of cardboard box making machine requires certain technicians to perform maintenance and repair.Ensure the normal operation of carton machinery and equipment in use, and play an important role and value in the production of carton.
2. Regularly check and replace the lubricating oil in the gearbox of the paper feeding part of the carton machinery.
3. Regularly replace the oil in the mechanical gear cover of the carton.
4. Dirt on all friction surfaces, especially dust or adhesives on the surface of each roller.
5. Disassemble and wash all rolling bearings, and add new grease. Calcium-sodium grease can be used.
6. Clean the chain and sprocket and refill the lubricating oil.
If the chain is too loose, you can first adjust it by removing a few links;If it is severely elongated, it should be replaced.
When using carton machinery, it should be used in accordance with a certain amount and principle, and maintenance and maintenance should be carried out in a certain manner.When adjusting and replacing the chain, pay attention: the installation direction of the spring card

at the chain joint should be consistent with the running direction of the chain.
(So ​​as to avoid impact, jump, and even collision and fall off during operation.)
7. After the components are assembled, paint can be added to the exterior of the machine if necessary.
8. Check whether all the components have been installed, then turn on the machine and observe whether the machine is running normally.
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