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Why can’t die cutting creasing machine cut paper scraps?

In the process of producing cartons, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the good printing surface.Also consider the cleaning of the slotting of the carton, because the paper scraps are not cleanly removed, which will directly affect the working environment of the factory.

One of the common ones is that the cut corners of the carton are not cut cleanly and always stick to the edges of the carton.
This situation has a certain impact on the production efficiency and quality of the linkage line or downstream.
So why is the corrugated paper cut continuously?

When the die cutting creasing machine has just installed a new knife, the edges of the paper can be cut off. But after using for a period of time, the angle passivation began to be uncut.
In fact, the main reason is that the corner knife cannot be removed due to incorrect installation of the corner knife and excessive pressure in the slot gap.

Be sure to keep these three laws in mind when installing and using die cutting creasing machine corner knives:
1. Before installing the blades on the die cutting creasing machine, check whether the spring or the rubber pad is good (the rubber pad is updated every time);
2. When installing the corner knife on the die cutting creasing machine, use carbon paper to adjust the height of the corner knife and check the cutting status;
3. The die cutting creasing machine knife edge cuts the paper smoothly, and then fixes the height of the corner knife.

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