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Which Printing Machine Are Needed For The New Carton Factory?

Combining many years of sales experience, as well as the current carton factory benefits and operation mode, Lukes Machine introduces several basic carton processing plants that need carton machinery and equipment:

1. Ink printing machine (ie chain printing machine): whether it is manual or semi-automatic, fully automatic.
In terms of price: the manual printer is definitely the cheapest. In terms of two colors, manual should be less than ¥50000, and semi-automatic is ¥100000. Of course, the price of fully automatic is not something new factories should consider.

2. The carton packaging forming machinery (gluer/gluer, stapler) is also divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic.

In terms of price: the nail box machine is relatively cheap and is priced according to the production cost of different manufacturers. But the speed is not as good as the box gluer, which is more expensive, several times the price of the box stapler, and is generally used for higher-end packaging.

3. Other carton packaging machinery:

Such as die-cutting machine: producing special-shaped cartons or small cartons with high processing accuracy. To

Paper cutter, thin knife machine: Cut the original cardboard into the required cardboard size.

Paper feeder: The printing machine feeds paper at the front desk, which is equivalent to fully automatic paper feed, which is faster than manual feed.
Paper stacker: After the cardboard reaches a certain height after slotting and die-cutting, quickly collect the paper and hold the cardboard to reduce labor time.
Waste removal machine: Use the conveyor belt to quickly waste paper scraps and reduce labor time.
Lukes Machine specializes in selling paper processing equipment such as die-cutting machines/printing machines. If you need such equipment, please contact: info@sdlukes.com