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JHX2800 Automatic Folder gluer machine

Product Description

  • JHX-1050/1450 series Automatic Folder Gluer Machine is mainly used for the production of milk box, toy box, wine box and various kinds of printed box.
  • Key Points:
  • The whole machine is done on one steel plate wall- Stable and easy for operation.
  • High speed – 200 meters per minute with stable and accurate folding.
  • The driving adopts imported round type tooth belt with the feature of accuracy and low noise.
  • More options are available to meet the box requirement.
  • Long Folding Part which makes the folding of the carton better and help to eliminate the fishtail phenomena : For 1050 model the folding part is 2200mm long; and 3200mm long for 1450 model.


Feeding unit

  1. Equipped with imported well known brand of under suction belts①, automatic and continuously paper feeding, the interval can be adjusted by stepless speed regulator.
  2. Independent feeding belt adjustment device, easy and convenient to adjust the position of the belts. .
  3. Vibrating motor device② together with vacuum sucking③ ensures accurate continuous feeding.
  4. The front④ and sides guide plates⑤ can be adjusted up and down, reduce adjusting time.

Reverse Folding Section

Reverse folding section and lock bottom section equipped with lock bottom device,togther with high-power servo motor (P one) and hook for good box folding.

Crash Lock Bottom

  1. The whole locker devices are equipped on fixed support, reduce machine adjusting and order changing time.
  2. The locking speed is 60-400 pieces per minute, stable and reliable.
  3. The up glue tank can be adjusted in up and down, left and right direction--accurate and independent, ensuring the glue quality.

Folding unit

  1. The folding section adopts lengthening design with wider imported folding belts①which can ensure precise adjustment for the right and left folding belts and various angles of guide rollers featuring for in high stability and catering to the needs of different size and different material of cartons .
  2. Both sides of this unit are equipped with imported well-known step-less speed regulator which can effectively regulate the differential speed of up and down belts and eliminate fish tail phenomena that happened during the folding of the cartons (boxes). The 90°folding device makes you no worry for the deviation of the belts when doing thick carton board.

Pre pressing unit

  1. Pressure can be adjusted up and down easy and fast according to the thickness of the cartons which provide guarantee for the gluing quality.
  2. The photoelectric counter is accurate and reliable. Man-machine interface touch screen can set order number or other parameters easy and convenient.

conveying and pressing unit

  1. There is a flapping device between the pre-pressing part and conveying and pressing part ( Option device for 1050 model and standard device for 1450 model). This device can do second correction to eliminate the fish tail phenomena.
  2. A counter-kicker is equipped with this part to mark the number of the pile to facilitate the operator’s pile number counting at the delivery part. The number to be kicked is set in the man-machine interface.

The conveying and pressing belt adopts driving transmission and pneumatic pressing mode. The pressure can be adjusted according to the needs or thickness of the box through pressure regulator. There are sponge stripe on the upper conveying belt to make extra pressure to the gluing part to make the gluing  stronger.