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1200Automatic Dual-purpose high speed coating machine

Product Description

Lukes Machinery has 19 years experience in mechanical manufacturing, and drafted coating machine, die cutting machine /folder gluer machine as well as stitching machine,stacker machine industry standard, as the professional R&D, manufacture and sales post-press equipment.
Export countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and etc. in Europe; Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine and etc. in Asia; Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and etc. in South America; Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Algeria and more countries and regions in Middle East and Africa.


Feeding section

■.suitable for high speed feeding on both light & thick paper

■ feeder with four suction and four feeding

■ Auto feeder with pre-pile for easy clean and maintenance

coating section

Three roller and two motors driving unit with stable varnishing ( standard configuration is for gloss varnish,you can use reversing and veering coating (based on steinemann structure) normally speaking UV coating adopts reversing , water adopts veering coating. Whole machine use vacuum adsorption transport. If meet sheet jam ,machine will automatic close UV Light or IR light

IR Hot dry system

  • Suitable for water- based coating for efficient drying
  • Special IR hot wind drying system with fast and exhaustive drying

UV curing system

  • High pressure UV lamps configuration . Optional: LED lamps

Open –type pneumatic lifting UV curing box with ease change

delivery section

  • Suitable for high speed stacker of both light & thick paper with collection height in 1200mm
  • Automatic delivery part which could set pneumatic jogging times according to paper weight .


Max .paper size 1450x1200mm (57x47.2”)
Min. paper size 307x440mm (12x17.3’’)
Max. speed 8000sph
Paper weight 80-450g/m²
No. x UV lamp 3x9.75kw
No. x IR lamp 18x1.8kg
Weight 6700KG
Total power 79KW
Dimension 11800x2030x2130mm