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1060 Fully Automatic die cutting machine with stripping for cardboard

Product Description

Top feeder automatic die cutting machine is mainly used for cardboard package such as medicine box / cigarette box to cutting and creasing . Automatic die-cutting & stripping machine is the key device for the production of cartons, paper boxes and high standard paper products, etc. It is especially applicable to the automatic die-cutting and stripping of complicated paper boxes and cigarette cases to rationalize the production of paper boxes. This machine is integrally assembled, transported and mounted, it can be put into operated in one day, and thus the cost is reduced


feeder with 4 suck and 5 send

  • The enlarged paper feeding head (Feida head) has 9 suction nozzles applicable for paper in different thicknesses and 5 paper feeding nozzles which can be independently adjusted for parallel paper feeding. It also has 4 paper lifting nozzles which can move up and down in a large stroke especially applicable for small corrugated paper. The large power wind pump provides a high suction force. It can be conveniently adjusted; paper can be divided reliable, and it runs fast and stably.
  • By the special secondary paper feeding and preliminary paper stacking, the primary and secondary can be shifted to ensure uninterrupted paper feeding.
  • To improve the working efficiency, paper feeding and collecting are realized by Taiwan WANSHSIN dual-speed reduction motor which provides a long service life and a high torsional force, and it saves time due to its high lowering speed.

feed table

  • The paper conveying part is made of stainless steel plate to prevent rust and provide stable and correct paper conveying.
  • Paper is positioned by a pushing unit and a pulling unit which can be shifted conveniently for different specifications of paper.

Die cutting section

  • The cast wall plate is rejected because of its low pulling force but high deformation, and steel wall plate is applied like Japan machines. The pulling force is enlarged, i.e. the pressing force is enlarged, and it becomes firm and endurable without any deformation.
  • This machine is upgraded to a brand high level by the automatic pressure regulation and automatic front scale regulation. The addition of this function upgrades it into a convenient and favorable digital device with high controlling speed.

Stripping section

Upper and lower stripping tool mounting frame be pulled out for job set up and make ready

The high quality transmission Mechanism and cam movement

curve provide stripping stability and accuracy ,the pneumatic raising device for upper stripping board creates more internal working space

Delivery section

  • Paper can be collected automatically and orderly.
  • The efficiency is improved by an uninterrupted paper collecting grid plate, and when paper is stacked to the specified height, the paper collecting grid plate will be replaced by another plate for uninterrupted paper collecting.
  • By the pneumatic sampling, the die-cut paper can be conveniently inspected at any time.


Model MYP-1060-High
Max.paper size 1070×770mm
Min.paper size 380×280mm
Max.cutting size 1050×750mm
Max.die cutting speed 7500s/h
Max. Stripping speed 6500s/h
Min. Gripper Edge 8mm
Sheet thickness Corrugated board: ≤4mm
Cardboard: 80-2000g/m

Die-cutting Accurate ±0.12mm
Max. Feeding Pile 1600mm
Max. Delivery Pile 1400mm
Max.pressure 580 Tons
Total power 19.5Kw
Net weight 23 Tons
Overall dimension 8350×4080×2280mm