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1060 Full automatic hot foil stamping machine

Product Description

LKS1060T full automatic hot foil stamping machine is high end models, aggravating machine, bronzing, deep embossing, die cutting , characterized by pressure, large parts size , the machine iteself , the weight of body long life
the main chain of imports the main drive bearing , PLC, inverter and various electrical switches sophisticated performance, accuracy long life
redesigned large torquelimiter to ensure that the machine is running safer


feed section

Add remove electrostatic device to suit for plastic material cutting .By the special secondary paper feeding and preliminary paper stacking, the primary and secondary can be shifted to ensure uninterrupted paper feeding.

hot foil stamping

The foil can step in both cross and longitudinal two directions (2 cross rollers and 3 longitudinal rollers), which can greatly meet different client's needs in various stamping

The foil can step, which greatly meet client's needs in various stamping. 12 heating zones can be set individually and in constant temperature.

8. Rewinding foil device and used foil removal brushes

  • rewinding Foil Device: Keep foil tension constant, meanwhile, easily rewinding the waste foil to roller. It is convenient to remover.
  • Used Foil Removal Brushes: The foil removal brushes are driven by servo motors. These rollers are synchronized with foil feeding rollers so as to maintain a constant tension of foil.

changed foil device

  • Vertical quick changed foil device is on the operating side of the machine, which is convenient to operate. Adopt servo control foil system is contributed to accurate foil jumping step, easy to control Worm and gear adopts 3pcs to ensure stable running .


Max.sheet Size 1070x 770 mm
Min.sheet Size 380x340 mm
Max.Die-Cutting Size 1040x750 mm
Max. stamping range 1030x740mm
Max.Mechanical Speed 7500s/h (depend on die and sheet’s conditions)
Stamping tempreture 20-200℃
Heating plate zone number 12
Die cutting precision: ± 0.12mm
Electrical Power 380V.50HZ, 3-Phase
Max.Die-Cutting Pressure 350tons
Gross Weight 23000KGS
No.of foil rollers Horizontal 3, vertical 2
Max. length 1200~1500m

Total power 70kw
Vertical foil stamping :max foil width 1030mm
Min foil width 25mm
Max. length of pull foil 760mm
Max. pull foil roll diameter φ200mm
Horizontal foil stamping: max foil width 740mm
Min foil width 25mm
Max.length of pull foil 1060mm
Max.pull foil roll diameter φ230mm
Max. feeding pile 1600mm
Max. delivery pile 1400mm
Stock range Cardboard : 0.1-3mm corrugated board ≤4mm
Dimension 7740x4300x2500 ( include working platform)
Air compressor 0.8Mpa,>0.36m³/min