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Our Service

All you need things is to use machine, leave the rest of work to us. Along with our high quality products. Lukes provide the following services

Telephone help line (24hours)
On site technical support
On site service
Preventive maintenance
Spare parts


>Lukes machinery offer assistance 24hours per day, 365days per year.

>The majority of customer queries can be resolved by telephone assistance and we aim to resolve any problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

>Individual customer care number are given to each customer for use in the event of any unforeseen problem.


>Lukes can respond to any unforeseen problem within 24 hours, whether it is mechanical failure, electrical failure or even if it is an operational problem not caused by machine failure

>All of our service team are dedicated and are highly skilled with a high degree of competence .Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied and allow our products and services promote themselves


>Lukes offer on-site service to aid the performance of your equipment

>On-site service can vary from retrofit installations, breakdown repair and planned service work


>Lukes offer preventative maintenance contracts for all of our equipment to continually maintain and monitor the performance of your equipment

>Preventative maintenance is normally scheduled to suit your planning in order to prevent unnecessary downtime


>Lukes provide on-site and off-site training for all of our products or you can send your technician to our factory with free training .

>Off-site training is offered approximately one month before any machine is supplied to aid the commissioning period

>Initial training is given once our products have been installed to ensure that your operators can run our products safely and efficiently

>Continued progress training is offered year after year to ensure that the knowledge is maintained and updated, keeping your operators safe, up-to-date and keen to enhance your business growth


>Lukes hold a large quantity of spare parts and we manufacture a wide range of spare parts at our manufacturing facility close to the main office

>We understand that the supply of spare parts is a key to your business and to our business, therefore our priority is to supply quickly and efficiently