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Manual Die Cutting Machine

Manual die cutting machine is one of popular and hot sale products in market for small quantity die punching jobs , which suit for paper board / cardboard / duplex board /craft sheet / Plastic pvc pet material for forming different shape carton based on your die mold. It has small investment cost and high return profit.

Lukes ML manual die cutting machine has safety guard including safety touch bar and foot stop bar. our machine is complied with CE standard . It adopts four-shaft bevel wheel structure with steady operation, great cutting, low noise. Sound and layout of its height, great angle of frame.

It has three functions for single slitting, successive slitting, time delay. Its can be adjusted. Safety protection system is reliable.

We have these size (750/930/1040/1100/1200/1300/1400/1500/1600/1800 /2000/2200/2400/2600/2800/3000)

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