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1650G high speed automatic die cutting machine for corrugated carton

Product Description

the model adopts advanced technology to ensure high production speed, short preparation process and perfect quality,which professional applies to corrugated board.

when you and your customer agree that only the highest yield and highest quality can meet the requirements, the meaning of the equipment for corrugated cardboard production can be reflected


Feeding section

Built for high speed and precise feeding. Comprises a powerful vacuum system, board supporting table with carrier bar and air discharge cylinder. Designed to effectively prevent marking on printed surfaces

Fitted with frequency controlled volume regulator. Suitable for all flutes of corrugated board from 1-9mm

die cuttingsection

  • Centre line system reduce time of installation die
  • Duty heavy die plate to ensure long using and reduce production cost. Above die plate thickness is 2mm can easy replace next orders to save time
  • Air cushion underneath the die plate for easy sliding
  • Pneumatic lock system for die chase frame and handle locked the plate to ensure 100% safety and fastness locked

stripping section

  • Center line system can ensure fast set up and change over stripping plate to be high working efficiency ,this device also can install stripping plate at outside.
  • One button Motorized upper stripping frame increase the operation space and easy fix stripping plate.
  • Gripper bar register block at outlets of stripping station ensures the accuracy of stripping

delivery section

  • Adopt non-stop automatic delivery system and safety photoelectric device to ensure paper delivery in good order and convenient paper pile transfer
  • Motorized upper frame suspending hoister
  • Counter can set based on your products stack request , which will be improve working efficiency.

gear drive

  • Gear main driving can be sure run stable in high speed status
  • Import intermittent box can be high cutter precision in long life.

automatic tension protect main chain

  • Spring loaded adjustable chain tensioner for maintaining constant tension thus reducing stress on chains and producing smooth gripper bar movement


Max.sheet Size 1650×1200mm
Min.sheet Size 650×550mm
Max.Die-Cutting Size 1630×1180mm
Max.Mechanical Speed 5500s/h (depand on die and sheet’s conditions)
Min.gripper waste 10mm
Cutting rule height: 23.8mm
Die cutting precision: ± 0.5mm
Electrical Power 380V.50HZ, 3-Phase
Max.Die-Cutting Pressure 450tons

Gross Weight 38000KGS
pressure adjusting range: ± 1.5mm
Stock range E.B.C.A and AB flute corrugated board ≤ 9mm
Inner chase size 1660x1210mm
Dimension 11200x5560x2550mm( include working platform)

Power & Air Infomation

Total power required 37KW
Main motor power 18.5KW
Air compressor  1.05 m3/min