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1450High speed automatic folder gluer machine

Product Description

  • Remote control through whole machine to give user-friendly and easy set-up
  • Modular design ready for upgrade in the future for job demanding
  • All the transmission belts of the lower panels are wrapped around externally when replacing the belt, there is no need to unload the transmission shaft , it is simple and easy to replace.
  • To meet various kinds of order demand in the future, the standard machine can be advanced by adding other optional units such as, regulator, pre-folder, 4& 6 corner attachment, panel movement by Motorization to achieve its highest efficiency



  1. With nine pieces of 50mm width air sucking feeding belts. The metal plate of 10mm thickness can be adjusted horizontally for different width
  2. embossing guide wheel guides paper-delivering belts; Guard plates are provided at right and left sides to move right and left in response to product patterns;
  3. On feeder three feeding knives are equipped and their different lengths should be regulated according to the sheet material
  4. Suck device equipped with motor can be realized Precise automatic continuous feeding
  5. The feeding part could be piled up to the height of 33 The upper feeding pressure is by air driving. It could guarantee the corrugated paper passed smoothly. The operator could operate the feeder switcher at any operating area.

folding section

It consists of 80mm width bottom belts and 80mm width folding belts. The right side and the left side fold the second folding line into 180° and the fourth folding line into 180° separately.

2.The left and right guide wheels can be adjusted according to actual requirements to ensure smooth folding. There are bearings under the belts for the correct running of the belts and the belts can be changed rapidly without removing the shafts.

Trombone section

crash lock section

gluing section: All glue tanks are removable. The lower gluing also has two tanks (One is on the right side and one is on the left side). They can be choicely used according to the actual situation. Glue in tanks is adjustable and constant. The thickness of gluing wheels is 5mm-8mm and can be changed according to the special order of the client. Tanks are made of durable aluminum alloy material. The bottom gluing is achieved by four group of bottom locking devices. The bottom belt is 50mm, the up belt is 30mm. The up pressure air driving board could move up and down to meet different thickness of the paper board

conveying section

  1. Upper/lower drive mechanism to adjust length; Equipped with automatic belt tension-adjusting system; Adopts continuous and automatic box collecting mechanism to ensure boxes enter the conveyor section neat and well aligned; Equipped with electronic counter, automatic mark spraying or kick plate can be chosen for counting purposes; Equipped with air compressor system and creasing channel system; Pressure rollers can be adjusted depending on box types and paper type to achieve flawless box creasing.

different size boxes can be fold


Paper type :       Cardboard 300-800gsm & E/B /C/B/A flute 5ply corrugated board

Paper feeding:     Accurate, automatic and continuous feeding

Max gluing speed:  180 m/minute

Adhesive:         Soluble adhesive

Machine Dimension(L*W*H/M):21×2.7×2.2m

Gross weight                     : 16T

Power                                               : 40KW