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1050 fast speed spot uv coating machine

Product Description

1050 fast speed spot uv coating machine is a water / oil dual-use high-speed local / full UV polishing equipment for blankets or flexible version of the plate for the local or full glazing, partial polishing overprint accurate, uniform and not squeeze the oil. Suitable for books and periodicals, advertising, color box, film, high-end packaging and other printed text and pattern of local overprint or full glazing, improve the quality of printed materials, increase beauty. Multi-security design, security and user-friendly operating procedures to ensure that the operator’s personal safety and ease. Developed by the company’s high-speed local UV polishing machine, the application of the whole pendulum-type Diao-style paper delivery, to 10,000 per hour speed of high-speed paper..


Feeding section

The feeder adopts high speed 2 suck and 4 sent feeder , which can used for thin and thickness sheet with smooth and high speed.

◆ down sorption suck device can assistant deformation sheet with stable sending and high efficiency .( normal and traditional UV machine without the device)

◆ sheet registration adopts sway downward of front lay with brace of side lay to ensure convenience adjust and high registration.

double sheet device

When the system detects double sheets, the system will automatically open the pneumatic platen and stop the paper feed and fault alarm. Thus effectively protect the printing plate damage and reduce the emergence of bad products to ensure the safety and stability of the entire production process.

host machine

Denture Bite Pressure Conveyor System. The impression cylinder and the plate cylinder are pneumatically pressed and pressed. Can be automatically into the body and retreated, the oil head is located in front of the drum, loading plate space, easy to install version  and unloading, by the reverse

drum composed of UV oil supply device . coating more uniform. Automatic temperature control of the middle of the water heating UV fuel tank system, so that UV oil at any temperature to maintain leveling. Three drum system oil head, uniform coating, feeding balance, suitable for local full glazing.

output system

In the production process if there is chaos, or paper phenomenon, stainless steel conveyor belt will be safe to the paper to the ground, to avoid falling off the paper through the curing system when the phenomenon of fire to ensure the safety of the entire production process.

fetch device

Many of the machine designed suction, pressure air cooling device, can reduce the paper after drying the surface temperature, so that the drying effect is better, more clean paper. At the same time in the collection paper dedicated paper straight device, can effectively prevent the paper after drying system after bending deformation.

delivery section

Flip the safety door design, great convenience to the use of the operator. Adjustable suction roller type auxiliary paper structure, thin paper coating prone to curl, vacuum suction paper flattening device, so that the paper to maintain balance. High pressure air pressure device, so that thin paper better stack.


Max sheet size 750x1060mm
Min sheet size 340×460mm
Max coating size 740×1050mm
Paper weight 80-600g/m²
Max speed(UV coating) 12000s/h
Total electric consumption 52kw
UV lamp (NO.×power) 2x13 kw
IR lamp(optional,NO.×power) 18x1 kw
weight 13.7T
Overall Dimensions 9100x2900x2050mm