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Flat bed die cutting machine

. LUKES-Flat bed die cutting is a specific die cutting process that is used to cut/emboss/waste strip or blank separate, different types of sheet material. There are a multitude of different materials that can be used for flat bed die cutting: light papers, boards, plastics, corrugated boards .PP hollow sheet etc. It is common to find flat bed cutting machines in the packaging, labeling and commercial printing sectors.

There are many style of die cutter machine by two main types-automatic and semi automatic die cutting machine ,(some other countries also was called die punching machines or cutter-creasers/corrugated machine) but automatic type also has 2models according to different feeder way ( top feeder which is mainly used for paperboard material and lead edge feeder to feed corrugated board ) semi automatic type was feed by manual. Our company has widely size for your selection from 780mm ( 30”) to 1900mm (75”) we are sure each of machines in range offer a level of reliability and good performance.