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The influence of die-cutting machinery in the production of Corrugated cardboard

The use of low-weight base paper and BC flute instead of AB flute directly reduce the cost of raw materials. Energy-saving produces economic benefits.

The Corrugated cardboard production line steam recovery system has an energy-saving efficiency of up to 25%. It is an energy-saving transformation project for the Corrugated cardboard production enterprise.We should choose a company with technical strength and good after-sales service to carry out the design and installation work, so as to achieve the energy-saving effect.

Corrugated cardboard mechanical equipment inverter technology energy-saving transformation.

Especially for the main drive motors with very large power, it is a trend to use frequency converters for driving.

The drive of the computer die-cutting machine uses AC servo technology.

It can not only save energy and electricity, but also improve the control accuracy.

The cutting error of Corrugated cardboard is actually very large.

This is a point that carton companies should pay attention to.

Carton companies need carton equipment and talents.

In particular, the control of production costs by front-line operations and management personnel is particularly important.

Enterprises should pay attention to the skill training of tile line personnel and the training of basic knowledge about carton machines.
The training of managers who understand the production process is particularly important.

They are the direct managers of production cost control, and companies should not hesitate to hire people or send them out for learning.

Moreover, carton companies should focus on cultivating talents by themselves and establish a corporate culture with their own characteristics,

so that the company has strong cohesion and employees have a high sense of identity,

which is a long-term magic weapon for stable talents.

For talents, they must be able to give play to their strengths, break the routine use, mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of talents, and provide appropriate rewards based on performance. Enterprises also need to hire and use talents according to their actual conditions, mainly due to different requirements on the positions.

Pay attention to the cardboard logistics method, try to use the rolling bed to transport the cardboard to improve work efficiency,

reduce the damage of the cardboard, and reduce the waste rate.

This is a cost that is easily overlooked on the tile line and should be paid attention to by the carton factory.

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