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Corrugated board adhesive, have you used it right?

Corrugated board adhesives play an important role in production. Only by knowing the most suitable matching materials for the equipment can the efficiency of the equipment be maximized.

In the production line of corrugated board, the phenomenon of Corrugated Board Adhesive (foaming, degumming, false pellets) occurs from time to time.
There are many reasons for this, including the problem of the moisture content of the base paper,

the improper control of the amount of sizing in the production, and the quality of the adhesive.

Among them,the bonding mechanism of the adhesive is the first problem to be solved.

If the bonding mechanism of the adhesive is half-knowledged or poorly understood,

it will be difficult to calmly deal with and even fall into a helpless situation when poor bonding occurs in production.
Of course, if you just solve the surface problem from the surface phenomenon,

it is difficult to grasp the essence of the problem and it is difficult to completely solve the crux of the problem.
There are many types of Corrugated Board Adhesive. Such as starch series adhesives, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

At present, most manufacturers use starch series adhesives.
Compared with other adhesives, starch adhesives have the following advantages:
1) Strong adhesion, easy to penetrate into the paper to produce adhesion;
2) Good initial viscosity;
3) Easy to store;
4) The appearance of the glued cardboard carton is firm and flat, not easy to run out, and not easy to absorb moisture.
However, in production, starch adhesives also have shortcomings that cannot be ignored, such as long reaction time,

difficult to control oxidation depth, insufficient quality, and complicated reaction process.

When most manufacturers produce starch adhesives, the reaction conditions of industrial oxidized starch are mechanically applied.
The inability to effectively control and adjust the adhesive’s formula, process and oxidation depth not only wastes raw materials,

but also prolongs the reaction time, making the quality of Corrugated Board Adhesive uncontrollable and affecting the various properties of corrugated board.
Therefore, when in use, only water and complexing agent need to be added to produce a pre-oxidized starch adhesive for corrugated board bonding. …
In fact, even in the same production line, the starch glue used by the single-sided machine and the double-sided machine is different.

As far as the bonding of corrugated board is concerned,

the bonding mechanism is the prerequisite for determining the adhesive formulation.

As far as the quality of the adhesive is concerned, viscosity and gel point are two important indicators to measure quality.

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