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The development trend of Carton machinery equipment of Lukes Machine

Lukes Machine is the direction of carton machinery enterprises in the future. Lukes Machine’s production structure has been or is being adjusted, entering a new pattern of chemical division of labor and cooperative production.

Newly established carton enterprises basically adopt the mode of purchasing the cardboard boxes after processing the process, which has low investment, fast output, low cost and good efficiency.

The back process of corrugated boxes is an important part of carton production.

After solving the paperboard quality, it is the printing, slitting, bonding, and die-cutting processes.

Corrugated cardboard production lines, water-based printing slotting machines, flat-bed die-cutting machines, etc., carton die-cutting companies began to imitate imported equipment.

Form the relatively current carton packaging machinery and equipment.

However, according to the current development of carton production, the requirements for carton machinery and equipment are getting higher and higher.

For carton packaging machinery companies to further develop high-speed, high-tech carton machinery and equipment to point out the direction and the development trend of carton machinery.

The products are standardized, serialized, multi-variety, multi-substrate, and multi-purpose.

This is the development trend and important goal of the carton industry during the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period. To achieve the above-mentioned goals, technological equipment transformation in the carton industry is an important aspect, which will provide opportunities for carton machinery and equipment companies.

The corrugated board production line will be equipped with DE single-facer and slitting computer thin-blade divider.

The back-end process equipment is equipped with high-speed, multi-function, multi-color, waste-cleaning printing die-cutting machine, flat-bed high-speed die-cutting machine or high-end creasing machine, thin-blade slitting and creasing machine, printing veneer, automatic or semi-automatic Bonding machine, laser computer engraving machine and flexographic processing equipment, etc.

Lukes Machine has been engaged in the carton die-cutting industry for nearly 20 years, and we continue to learn, accumulate and summarize from it. Only to provide customers with better equipment and services. If you are interested in Carton machinery, please contact us.