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March 20th 2021

2sets of flat bed die cutter machine delivery to MIPPL group in India

thanks for MIPPL group to bought our 2sets 1330 & 1480 flat bed die cutting machine , machine already shipment on time. trust the 2 die cutter machines will create big value for your business.

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December 25th 2019

Lukes machinery(die cutting machine) all teams wishes all clients happy new year

Dear All clients how times files . 2019 just likes beginning will be past. Lukes machinery all teams appreciated for your support our business in 2019. whatever you are using our machine or planning t

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September 29th 2019

dispatch to Brazil

thanks for Brazil client to select our 1200×1450 automatic coating machine after compare with many supplier. we are earliest producer who produce this machine in China. our machine is very good f

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August 13th 2019

stripping hole machine for cleaning waste material

today we delivery one set stripping hole machine to Europe. stripping hole machine can clean inner waste material after die cutter. there is 48 holes. min hole size is 3mm , one time can do it after u

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August 10th 2019

what are the factors to effect accuracy of flat bed die cutting machine

to check a good quality machine is mainly according to cut accuracy and speed . which factors will be effect the cut precision for automatic die cutting machine. it has these reasons 1. feed way: flat

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July 22nd 2019

how can we control high quality of flat bed die cutting machine

some of body always said Lukes machinery price is high. we just want to tell you why we can be sure high quality machine with good process parts and material. a high quality die cutting machine should

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July 10th 2019

new design(Tiptronic) flat bed die cutting machine for corrugated and cardboard

as more clients required we R&D new model which can cut 1-7mm corrugated board and 200-1500g cardboard / mono carton/ duplex board of Tiptronic automatic flat bed die cutting machine , this machi

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May 14th 2019

How to select automatic flat bed die cutting machine

there are many kinds of supplier with similar specification and feature , how to analysis which die cutter machine is good quality machine. that is headache issue for most of buyers the core of good

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February 23rd 2019

how to solve corrugated board warping when die cutter

compared with the single machine, corrugated board production line has the advantage of high efficiency, high speed, good quality, but the disadvantage is prone to warping, which has brought many dif

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