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Why do customers choose automatic die cutting machine?

Recently, the most frequently asked die-cutting machine agents is nothing more than the automatic die cutting machine, which is a machine suitable for creasing and die-cutting corrugated boxes.
LKS1300B automatic die cutting machine consists of 5 core parts, namely Feed Section, Feed table, Die cutting section, Stripping section, Delivery section. Let’s take a look at the technical parameters of this equipment.


LKS1300B automatic die cutting machine is equipped with a chain design, which can die-cut 4,500 indentations per hour.

Maximum paper size of LKS1300B die cutting machine: 1300*9800mm

Minimum paper size of LKS1300B die cutting machine: 550*480mm

Maximum die cutting size of LKS1300B die cutting machine: 1300*960mm

Electrical power: 380V.50HZ, 3-Phase

Die cutting precision: ± 0.5mm

LKS1300B Die Cutting Machine Total power: 26.2KW

LKS1300B die cutting machine 250Max.die cutting pressure: 250T

LKS1300B die cutting machine Gross weight: 20T

LKS1300B Die Cutting Machine Stock range: ≥300g cardboard, 1-7mm corrugated board

LKS1300B Die Cutting Machine: Inner chase size

LKS1300B die cutting machine size: 7645*4645*2220mm


Lukes Machinery is a professional die-cutting machine manufacturer and supplier. Most of our employees have more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We can provide our customers with professional technology and machinery and equipment. In most countries, LUKES agents will provide you with the highest quality after-sales technical services. If you need such an automatic die cutting machine, please contact us.